Cloudflare dashboard vertical side bar woes

im kind of sad about cloudflares choice to totally remove the top horizontal navigation icons and replace it with the vertical side bar as being a 1366x768 laptop lcd user most of the icons are missing off the bottom of the screen and without any way to scroll them its unusable

the only solution is to scale my screen to 50% but this makes everything unreadable so im constantly switching to 50% to get to the icon i want, then back to 100% so I can read the page ive selected

this is a total mess and sadly cloudflare has ignored my feedback during the trail period where you could switch between both styles

they have now removed the option and we’re stuck with the side bar navigation and they are still they are ignoring my feedback about it being unusable

does anyone else here have the same issues with the new layout design ?

is there anything that can be done about this horrible situation ?

I have the issue with the overflow, but for me it is scrollable.

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Try that ^^^

yeah ctrl - i use to reduce the page to 50% then click the icon and then ctrl + to get back to 100% so i can actually read the page ive selected. its a real pain

im thinking of writing a greasemonkey script to bring the old horizontal navigation back if possible :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

if I succeed with the script i’ll post it here


Ironic that the height is such an issue for you. Because I generally work on a 1440p monitor, and I had a lot of trouble with the interface because there is a ton of space between the page content and the navigation bar. 1366p actually seems to be the perfect width that doesn’t have a ton of unused space.

A vertical navigation bar is easier to make consistent across screen sizes, and it’s easier to cram more buttons into it than a top level navigation bar without going ham with multi level sub menus.

At least they didn’t collapse the side menu by default. I’ve seen services where they do that, and it’s horrible.


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