Cloudflare CDN

Can i somehow setup Cloudflare CDN on my InfinityFree subdomain for free?

Free infinityfree subdomains are meant to be used for this hosting only, you may need to have your domain for it instead.


Unfortunately, Cloudflare does not allow you to add subdomains if you do not own the base domain, so it is impossible to add a free subdomain to Cloudflare.


Can i do something with wordpress to do it?

You can’t enable Cloudflare through a plugin on WordPress. If you really want Cloudflare, please consider getting your own domain. If you don’t have money, I’d recommend as those domains are perfectly compatible with Cloudflare, but they require you to wait after you submitted the request. Sometimes you’ll get it in less than a month, sometimes in one/two months, sometimes even more, but within six months/a year you’ll get it. If you don’t want to wait but you have money, you can buy a domain from a reputable ICANN-validated domain registrar like NameSilo (which is what we recommend), Namecheap, GoDaddy or even Porkbun, and then point it to our nameservers, add it to your hosting account and then setup Cloudflare.


Thank you so much for help


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