Cloudflare breaking EVERYTHING of my website

My website URL is: (used to be https://)

What I’m seeing is: that I cannot use cloudflare without losing Subdomains (such as games and blogs and videos) and MX Records (losing mail access)

I’m using this software: Infinityfree’s cPanel

Additional information: I really need the MX Record back because I set the email I used to my old MX people and it breaks but I really need it to also fix cloudflare (I swear I’m stupid)

Is there anyway to use cloudflare, have https://, MX Records, and Subdomains? I really don’t wanna go back to 000webhost just to fix my email ಥ ͜ʖಥ
Please help me. I really like this service. I get free storage, hosting, everything that I need.

Yes, disable Cloudflare from cPanel.
Alter it from here -

The same way you can use Cloudflare from 000webhost you can also use Cloudflare with us. And doing so also works with email.

Thanks! It’s been working great!

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