CloudFlare and Website

Hello, my domain hosting won’t let me change my nameservers, and she says I need to get an ip to put on cloudflare, but I need to nameserver you to add the website, how can I process? I need to create some subdomains for my website: D

For pointing your domain to InfinityFree nameservers:

For adding CloudFlare:


I can’t add my domain to infinity free, (domain hosting doesn’t allow me to change nameservers, and I wanted to create subdomains by infinity free, they sent me to get IP for cloudflare ‘-’

If I were you, I’d find a different domain provider. Choosing where and how you can host your domain name is the most important task for a domain provider. If they don’t let you choose where you want to host your DNS, then they are not a domain provider, they are a domain restrictor. And you should quickly move your domain to an actual domain provider who puts you in control of your domain.


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