Cloudflare and sslforfree

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: why don’t accept from sslforfree or cloudflare ssl?

I’m using this software: Clouflare, sslforfree

Additional information:

I can’t understand well what you said. What error do you see while applying SSL?

We accept SSL certificates from all generally recognized SSL vendors. Cloudflare’s Origin Certificates are not recognized SSL vendors, but only recognized by Cloudflare, so they are not accepted. We do support certificates issued with, but you’ll have a hard time verifying your domain name with them. Instead, we developed our own Let’s Encrypt system which you can find in our client area.


But there are failed ssl everytime when i request CSR and private key. :fearful:

SSL Cert form cloudflare are not supported and sslforfree aren’t access to my domain to make ssl Cert

I’m sorry, but are you requesting a CSR (i.e. through the control panel) or an SSL (through the client area)? I don’t see any SSL domains in your client area, but I don’t know if you have had them before or not.

If you are unable to request a CSR from the control panel, please make sure you fill in ALL the fields in the form. Even the ones which don’t apply to you (you can enter N/A in them). It generally doesn’t matter what you enter in the box, as long as you enter something.

If you are unable to request an SSL certificate from the client area, please add your domain again and setup the CNAME records. After that, wait for 24 hours and then try to request a certificate. If that still fails, then please don’t delete the domain but respond here so I can look into why the certificate request failed.

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I’ll try it! Thanks for advicement

I added CNAME record and DNS stat say ready. Should I request SSL Cert?
P/s: Should I wait 24 hours?.

cname records and dns?? @Admin didnt you says the webpages are blocking bots so TXT wont work??

im using gogetssl but admin closed the email function on vpanel??

now its push to only verify via the infinityfree hompage lets encrypt… and the news on many of them failed…

Me too… Hm… the ssl cert request are auto failed!

You can try it. If the certificate fails with some sort of DNS related error, just try again a few hours later. DNS is annoying like that.

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Thanks very much. I’ve done it ! :sweat_smile:

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