CloudFlare Alternative for Infinity Free subdomain use

As the title mentions, Is there any free CloudFlare Alternative to be used on Infinity Free Subdomains?

My Goals:
-Put an Intermediate Certificate to my Infinity Free Subdomain
-Use an CDN
-Use anti DDOS protection (instead of my current method which is by a plugin)

Thank You and hope anyone can give suggestions.


Since you do not have control over the nameservers for subdomains, you cannot point them to a external CDN. So all your traffic has to come through InfinityFree servers.

While you may be able to find a CDN/DDoS protection company that will allow the use of an A/AAAA record, all the traffic still comes through InfinityFree, so that DDoS protection would be rendered useless (And you site will actually slow down due to more DNS requests).

Real domain names are not very expensive, you can get a .COM for less than $10 a year if you buy it before September 1st (When the price will go up by about a dollar).


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