Cloudflare adding dns record for your subdomain

Hello, i will create a Ssl Certificate using infinityfree (Let’s Encrypt) but i am using cloudflare nameservers, i want to get the ssl certificate for my subdomain how will i create cname record for my subdomain in cloudflare dns settings

Open Cloudflare, then click on your website and head on over to DNS. In the DNS section, there is a button labelled ‘Add record’, when you click that, a small menu opens with options to configure the record.

On the left is a dropdown labelled ‘Type’, from this menu select CNAME. In the ‘Host’ section of the record, put _acme-challenge.your-subdomain, and in the Target put the record content that is displayed on InfinityFree. Make sure to click the orange cloud so that it becomes grey, or it will not work. Click save.

For the second record, do the same but for the host put _acme-challenge.www.your-subdomain.

If it doesn’t immediately verify the records, you may have to wait up to 72 hours for the records to update.

Hope this helps.


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