ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. I configured my domain on cloudflare, on my own cloudflare account (not using the cloudflare module of the infinityfree cPanel), everything was working perfectly for the past two weeks, but yesterday suddenly stopped working giving the Error Page 522.

When I configured cloudflare I just register the domain, and in my domain registrar changed the DNS to the CloudFlare DNSs.

Anyone with the same problem? And how can I solve it? Thank you in advance. Best regards

I also faced suc problems. even just a few sec ago, cloudflare reported bad gateway . Your internet working, cloudflare working. server not working. This problem is often seen in PHP pages. i have never faced such problems in html pages

It looks like the server your website is on is unreachable. I’ve contacted iFastNet to ask for clarification, I don’t know anything else myself at this time.

It’s the same issue as what is being discussed here:

Hi, Thank you for replying @Admin. I temporary removed my domain from CloudFlare; I put back the DNSs from InfitnityFree at my domain’s registrar, and I got a confirmation email from they stating that the DNS changed successfully, but I still can’t access my website, any update about this problem?
Thank you in advance!

Check this out: Slow/offline websites on hosting volumes vol10_1 / vol10_2

Thank you @MrJunior , I have just checked this out, my website is in the hosting volume vol3_2; I think I am going to migrate to another account, or just wait for they to fix the issue.