Cloudfare DNS update with Infinityfree server names

My domain’s registrar is Cloudfare and I bought it recently. Since my domain is new, there’s no host currently. I want to use InfinityFree as my host. I was unable to update server names because Cloudfare won’t let you update (when you have free account I guess). What are my options? I need IPV4 of my host (InfinityFree) and what are all the DNS types in order to add (A, CNAME etc.) It is showing I need to add both and, how to add these in CloudFare. I’m getting error while creating account in InfinityFree since these two servers are not configured in my cloudfare’s (registrar) account.

CloudFlare does not allow setting of nameservers

You need to change domain registrar. However, you can only change registrar after 60 days


I see an option to update DNS after going through different forums, anyone have idea? I need to host’s IPV4, in this case InfinityFree’s IP address to provide.

In order to connect your domain to InfinityFree, you must change your nameservers. There is no other way to connect your domain to our system.

Once you connect the domain, then you can change the nameservers and set DNS records instead.


Thank you for the info, In that case I need to wait for 60 more days to transfer my domain to new registrar so that I can update the nameservers. Thank your quick response!


Make sure the new registrar does not impose these restrictions as well


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