Cloud Flare not working for me

Hi all,
Please I need your help. I created a website some few days ago and now I wanna back it up with cloudflare. I have done all the needed changes that has to do with DNS and CNAME records. I wanna know how long does it take for it work.
The video tutorial I followed ( Namecheap) worked after few mins.
What could be the problem?
Thanks in advance.

? Cloudflare doesn’t back sites up, unless i misread what you are saying.

It takes a maximum of 24 hours for DNS changes to propergate


Yep. It doesn’t backup site. Thanks for pointing that to me. I actually want to use cloudflare for the ssl and https and all other cloudflare features.


Cloudflare does caching, not backups. Cloudflare however does have alwaysOn technology so if the server is down for a short time, your website will stay live. Backups still need to be done manually. If you use cloudflare through the cPanel, the DNS will still be done via InfinityFree, however if you use cloudflare nameservers, you need to point your domain to them.

Do not use via VPanel. Things will mess up once you have subdomain(s).


If you want anyone to check if your domain’s settings are OK and if they work for them, can you please share the URL to your website?

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