Closing accounts after 60 days!

Is there any free hosting provider that will host your website for free forever with no activity requirements of any kind?

The “you should have told people about it when they signed up” is a silly argument. If we did that every time someone says something like that, we’d probably have a manual right now with over a dozen pages to read with all the things you “definitely should know” because it’s something someone might encounter at some point. Would anyone read it? No, of course not, people are here to create a website, not read a book about scenarios they might never encounter.

The important part is: your account is NEVER deleted without warning. Not after 60 days, not after 60 weeks and not after 60 years. You don’t have to worry about your account being deleted as long as you keep an eye on your email inbox. Depending on your website and your traffic, your account may never get deactivated due to inactivity while you still intend to use it at all. So you may have wasted your time to learn about a scenario that may never apply to you.


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