Cliente FTPConectar a um cliente FTP

Good evening!

Can I connect to an FTP client? How to make?

Appearing this error:

Att. Bruno!

Yes, you can.

It seems like your connection / firewall doesn’t permit connections with FTP over TLS. Go to File > Site Manager, then create a new site and put as host, as port 21, use as encryption mode “Always use Plain FTP (not secure)”, insert your FTP credentials, and then click on “Connect” and always permit connections from Plain FTP.

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I was able to connect as you told me. But am I at risk using this kind of encryption?
Is that correct in the image? That “?” in folders is normal?

Thanks for listening!

Att. Bruno!

You aren’t at risk if your password wasn’t changed to an insecure one, but was still the same auto-generated password, but if your connection permitted Explicit TLS connections or a firewall doesn’t restrict Explicit TLS connections then you may also connect with Explicit TLS to the server.

Yes, that is correct. But remember to upload your files to your htdocs folder!

Yes, because you didn’t open those.


Technically, yes. We offer Explicit TLS on our FTP server, and FileZilla will try to use it by default. But if your network or ISP blocks FTP over TLS, then you can’t use it so easily. I fully agree that keeping TLS enabled would be better, but that’s something your network administrator or ISP needs to fix, because everything is ready on the hosting side.

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