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My website is
I want to do something to my SSL Cert. Which means, people who do not have the certificate installed on their PC won’t allow to login to my server and it will result as NET:ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID and ERR_BAD_SSL_AUTH_CERT.

I hope you can help me on doing this kind of certificate that requires authentication! Thanks!

Hello there,

What do you mean exactly? What do you want to do with your SSL certificate?

What do you mean? As far as what I could tell your site is working fine here with SSL:

Also since your site is using a Cloudflare SSL that is using a Baltimore root certificate which is trusted and should already be installed on all devices then your visitors should not experience any related SSL error.


Though installing your own root certificate in your visitor’s PC automatically is not possible AFAIK then you will need to provide a download for your root certificate for your visitors to manually download and install your self signed root CA certificate in their PC first or else the browser will show an SSL error related to your certificate being not trusted.

Also why not just use a free TRUSTED SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt? InfinityFree designed a tool that is compatible here to issue one for your site which you can use for free.

This isn’t possible, without using php, you could use it where a website reports an error if cURL doesn’t like it, but that’s not avaliable, basically, to check if someone has your cert installed is hard, However if you use self-signed, then it will give CERT_authority errors. But not as you want it.

I don’t think certificate authentication is possible on our hosting, or any web hosting for that matter. The certificate validation has to be done in the web server software itself, it cannot be done with .haccess rules or PHP scripts. And you don’t get the level of configurability required to do this on any web hosting service as far as I know.

If you want to do authentication on your website, you may want to use HTTP Basic Auth or custom authentication with PHP sessions instead.


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