Client Area script issues fixed

Earlier today, an update was published to the client area that broke most of custom Javascript code in the client area.

The main issue has been identified and an update has just been deployed that fixes this issue.

If there are any scripts in the client area that are still broken, please let me know in a reply in this topic.


For me, the dark theme still does not work. Tried clearing my cache multiple times in MS Edge, used Chrome Canary and the results are the same.

Also, some of the ads are not well aligned and the content margins overflow (however, the important content is still above the ads)


Easier to see:

This isn’t a huge deal, but it just bugs me a bit.


Right, I didn’t look into that yet. Will do so.

On which screen size do you experience this (width, especially)? The ad placement should adjust itself according to screen size, but apparently these ads don’t properly collapse on your screen width.


1920x937. I notice that if I drag it to my smaller screen (1536x747) and reload that the sizes are correct and don’t cover any content.


Dark mode is now fixed! :tada:

There was an update in Tabler that changed how dark mode was invoked. The client area now generates the right tags.

Thanks. That’s out of my control, but I’ve reported it to the people who manage the ad sizes.

The side ads are only visible on larger screens and it should select an ad unit that fits in the available space. But apparently, the cutoff points for which screens accept which ad sizes aren’t set correctly.


This notice is still bright :frowning: