Clear server cache

I made a sample html, When I delete files from online file manager, clear all browsing history and cache, enter the url and it sill shows the deleted files, I saw you said that you don’t cache, and this domain can’t use cloudflare to say the cache is from them, what is the problem?

Pls show screenshot

Screenshot of what exactly?

Of what u said…

tiles folder has only 1 node now (1 panorama photo) but when you move to next, it still loads the next pano

Index.html located in htdocs/samples/ gets panoramas from tiles folder (node 1, node 2, etc), there was three, I deleted two of them but it loads the next two.

You need to be specific. Vague questions get no answers…

I uploaded a 360 virtual tour as an html package to an infinityfree host, I have 1 addon domain:
I deleted two of the panoramas (only 1 should show up now) but the other two do show up after deleting them from online file manager!
You want me to give the screenshot of me deleting cache?
You can simply open the link to see what I’m talking about

I just checked that the problem is only for when I enter using http instead of https, but it’s still a problem!

you can see that i deleted entire site, but it’s still visible on the link in first post.

This is what I see…


I see this:

If you see something different, clear your cache.

Sorry for late reply.
I made those directories because like I said, even when I cleared my cache, it still showed what I deleted, the server definitely takes cache and I did some workaround (making another directory and uploading new files)

Well, you can add below statement to .htaccess to enforce no caching.
You account may easily get suspended though cos of payload to the server.

Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate
Pragma: no-cache
Expires: 0

You mean it might get suspended if I use the code?
Or because of making different directories?

Yes, server may be overloaded if your website is resource intensive due to no caching

Thank you, I didn’t use the code then, moving the files to a new directory for a while will do.

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