Chrome security error occurs on my website


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This issue have been going on for awhile now and I have to contact google console to clear it out but now I can’t.
I have contacted several forum and they told me that the issue is redirection. They also told me that the server I am using is Nginx and the .htaccess file don’t work in Nginx server.
I have tried creating nginx.conf file in my htdocs directory but it’s not working. Please I need help

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The first part is wrong, and second part is right. InfinityFree uses both Nginx and Apache, and as Apache is the one that sees the files, .htaccess files work perfectly fine here.

Well that makes sense as we don’t support those configuration files. We only support .htaccess files.

Also, I’m not quite sure what .htaccess / nginx.conf files have to do with this. The message is because google does not like the contents of your site. Add your domain to the google search console to see what can be done to fix this.

EDIT: just realized I misread the error message. See the reply below (ignore above)


Google search console show me no issues detected

Can I change from nginx server to Apache?

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Apache is the default.

The problem is your certificate is invalid.

Click advanced then click the link to proceed to your url.

Then check to make sure your SSL certificate is installed correctly.

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Please I don’t understand what you said I should do. Where can I find the advanced button or link please :pray:

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Hi. In your screenshot at the bottom there is a button and a link that says “Advanced” if you click this you will be able to proceed to your url.

Check your ssl certificate to make sure it’s valid and installed.


Here is the screenshot of my https being installed correctly

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And here is the prove that the server I am correctly in is nginx and not Apache.

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It seems to be working for me. I see the lock icon and the certificate is valid.

Yeh it’s also working now thanks

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Glad to hear you got it working

As I said, IF uses both types of servers. Apache is in change of the files, and Nginx is in change of the response (generally). You have to use Apache configuration files (.htaccess) here.


The Server header reports whatever you want to report. We could have it say “InfinityFree Hosting” if we wanted it to.

We use both NGINX and Apache. NGINX is used on the “outer” layer, with Apache being used on the “inner” layer. The advantage of this is that we support .htaccess files, because NGINX does not have any way to configure easily configure the web sever per website. Even if we were only using NGINX, you still couldn’t just dump an nginx.conf in a directory and expect the server to pick it up.

In short: ignore the Server string. If you want to configure something, use .htaccess files.


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