Chrome says my website is dangerous and that infinity free is a scammed website

Okay, I put the SSL certificate by the Infinity Free CluodFlare, however when I enter the PC it says that the site is deceptive and that Infiity Free hackers can manipulate you and etc. I don’t know what happened, let alone why it happened ?. Can someone help me? here the link, remembering that I bought the domain in another company, the website hosting is infinity free

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It seems like many of us are having a problem like this. I am too.

My website has passwords but they are properly hashed.

yes, i dont know what is this?

Please wait
This is a global issue.
Wait until Admin clarifies

My site has the same problem. All its pages are simple ones which don’t ask for any data from users at all - they don’t interact beyond allowing links to be clicked on to open more pages.

Mine as well. I just created my site, put in the free SSL, woke up this morning and Google said it was a deceptive site. I just put links over Facebook, and other sites. Had a bunch of people message me telling me my site was phishing…

This is not because someone found your site instead due to shared hosting IP address.

Uhm, strange, my site is normal. Google didn’t flag anything.

Maybe because I’m using CloudFlare for all the traffic? :thinking:

Yep, because cloudflare proxies IP addresses, so the true one is masked.


Me too have the same issue screenshot below.

I’m using CloudFlare myself. Yet Google still has mine as dangerous…

As said, It depends on many variables, This seems to be an ongoing incident, hence a lot of people are having this, you will see if anyone finds a solution.

Uh huh. In that case, I have no idea what the problem is either.

Seem like all we can do now is waiting for official answer from Admin.

I guess InfinityFree servers are blacklisted to Google Safe Browsing then.

Let the @Admin clarify and fix this issue.

As far as I can tell, this is caused by the default 404 page. By default, if you try to open a non-existent URL on our service, you get redirected to But right now, for some reason, this page is blocked by Google Safe Browsing, which may cause any page redirecting to it to show this error too.

I can assure you that the 404 page is very simple and totally safe. But it’s possible that someone uploaded a sketchy site here which was blacklisted by Google, Google saw the 404 error page and also blacklisted that one for good measure.

What you could do to fix this:

  • Identify the 404 errors on your website and fix them.
  • Report the detection problem to Google. If enough people report the page as false positive, Google typically unblocks it quite quickly.

Chrome is working fine with my site today (unlike yesterday).

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