CHMOD File Permission on 000

Technically any nameserver in the ns1,ns2,ns3,ns4, would work, Just and just make the system add, however It does matter as and are different IP’s, and so cannot be substituted.

4 Likes nameservers are largely synonymous with nameservers, but are having issues and may cause external DNS checks to fail, or your website to be down in parts of the world. That’s why we highly, highly recommend to use nameservers only.

Please contact Freenom, because if they block nameservers, that’s a big problem on their end which they should definitely fix.


I have a new problem. (Hope it’s ok for me to recycle this post over and over) And it’s the most frustrating so far, because I have lost data, which is a lot work.

What I did: I tried to remove one of the byet nameservers (while having a good working system. But I was running into issues while getting a SSL certificate. So I gave that a try). Immediately I lost the database connection. So I put the nameservers back to what was working for me earlier and waited.

What the result was: I checked the domain and it was still included in my InfinityFree-account. So what else can cause an Error Establishing Database Connection?
I checked the database: in wp_options was my subdomain ( instead of the actual Weird. I had changed that right after I had had that domain working (around 2 weeks ago). Changed it back to normal. No connection still.
I checked the File Manager: the wp-config.php wasn’t even updated to my new Infinityfree account. What? So I corrected the user name, password etc. Now I was able to access WordPress again.
There I changed every other connection with the subdomain to the correct domain. And saved settings. The website was now back to working normal.
But now all the posts that I added in the last two weeks where missing too.
I checked the File Manager. There are new uploads (pictures) in the July-Folder that where certainly not there two weeks ago. That’s a good sign.
But back at the database: No signs of that new posts.

So how weird is that? I’ve got files in my File Manager that are seemingly up to date, while the wp-config.php is not. I have a throwback of my database by at least two weeks, which destroyed quite a few posts. (One of which I have no backup whatsoever. The other ones are raw an outdated. Yeaah. Not wise, I know.) And all of that as a result of playing around with the Freenom-nameservers??

Should you resolve this mystery or not, my main question is: Do you have any ideas for me, how I could get my painstakingly crafted posts back!?

Next time, if you have a question about a different issue, please create a new topic (or find another related topic to jump into). Derailing topics with unrelated questions is not OK, even if you’re the one who created the topic.

As for the other issue, it seems pretty clear to me what happened.

When you migrated your website from one account to the other, you copied the files and the database contents from account A to account B, but didn’t update the WordPress configuration to use the new database. So on the new account, your WordPress website was running successfully, but was probably still connected to the database on the old account.

When you deactivated the old account, this also disabled database access on that account. Since the site on your new account was using the database of that account, it could not connect to it’s database anymore.

When you “fixed” the wp-config.php settings, you changed it to use the database in the new account. But this database only contains the data from when you migrated the site, all posts created since then are only in the database of the old account.

So can you recover the lost contents? It depends: did you delete the database from the old account before deactivating it?

If you did, then you deleted the only copy of that posts, and they are gone forever.

If the database is not fully deleted yet, you can migrate the lost contents like so:

  1. Reactivate the old hosting account and verify the database is still there.
  2. Create a new backup of the database on the old account.
  3. Go to your new account, create a backup of the database, and then clear that database.
  4. Restore the database on the NEW account with the backup from the OLD database.

This should bring your site back up including all the posts you’ve created since migrating the site.


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