Chmod directories and files problem

I accidentally changed the permissions of a file with htdocs such that no one could access it. Now when I’m setting back Permission error is coming. The directory / htdocs could not be selected - you may not have enough rights to view this directory, or it may not exist. please help me

Go-to Monsta FTP Software in /accounts in your main page. Go and change CHMOD settings there.

i also use this method but same error

please help me

sir please help me it’s very inpotent for me please help me

Hmm I sent you a message on personal…


That’s logical because you’re unfortunately locked yourself
If you removed your own permissions to make changes to files (i.e. permissions lower than 600), then you cannot make changes to those files again, including changing their permissions. Unfortunately, there are no safeguards at this time to prevent you from locking yourself out, and no way to reset file permissions if you do.

Please try to recreate your website on a different account (create new acc)

we do not think of a new registration (do not be confused)
just go to the client area
and at the top you will have a button

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Hmm @QxyDac is correct here.
Steps is that goto cPanel - Addon Domains - Delete your Domain from which you had difficulties,

Delete your account.
Add the Account Again.

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