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Hi !
My domain register need to setup Child Name Server and IP for my .DE domain, hosted by infinityfree. But thet cant be the same as ns server IP.
The Child Name Server must be ns. right ?
With IP must I set ?

Many domain registrars and domain extensions throw this error, explained by this KB article:

I set ns servers.
The question is about Child Name Servers and IP

As an end user on our hosting platform, we don’t have support to setup custom white label nameservers. If you want to try to setup child nameservers, you’re welcome to try, but they aren’t necessary to make your website work.

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Thank you. Domain Registrator (,de) need to have child nameservers and IP, because of that I ask you.

Do you really need to setup child nameservers? Most domain registrars give you the option, but this is the first time I’ve heard a registrar or registry requiring it.

Are you sure the .de domain can’t just be setup to just use third party nameservers?

Also, if you want to know the IPs, you can just take our nameservers and plug them in a DNS lookup tool to figure out the IP addresses the nameservers use.

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Yes. I am sure. Read the requairments:

Name Servers and Child Name Servers related Rules

The .DE Registry (DENIC) has the following requirements for both Name Servers and Child Name Servers:

  • Each .DE domain name needs to have at least 2 Name Servers and can have upto 13 Name Servers. The limitation of supporting a maximum of 13 Name Servers is common for both Child Name Servers and Name Servers.Examples:
    • If you add 4 Name Servers for your .DE domain name, then you may now add only upto 9 Child Name Servers or Name Servers.
    • If you add 2 Name Servers and 2 Child Name Servers for your .DE domain name, then you may now add only upto 9 Child Name Servers or Name Servers.

You need to create a Zone for your .DE domain name on the Name Servers that you plan to use and add the Name Servers as NS Records, prior to performing the following actions:

  1. Registering a .DE domain name, [Recommended Name Servers ]


To ensure that you are able to register your .DE domain name with ease, Whois. com recommends that you use the following Name Servers, as we automatically create all necessary Records to satisfy the .DE Registry requirements:
2. Adding/Modifying the Name Servers or Child Name Servers of a .DE domain name,
3. Modifying the Contact Details of a .DE domain name,
4. Moving/Pushing your .DE domain name to another Customer Control Panel.

Child IP must be different, not the same as ns1 and ns2 servers :slight_smile:Becuse of that I ask you to help me to configure that stuped .de domain

I see the requirements you posted, but it only says you need to have at least 2 nameservers. It also gives a maximum for the number of child nameservers, but doesn’t say that there is a minimum for the number of child nameservers. So how do you conclude exactly that having child nameservers is mandatory?

This is not possible with InfinityFree at this time. This is explained in the article linked to by @Ergastolator1.

I’m sorry, but what do you base this on?

It’s perfectly fine for multiple nameservers names to use the same nameservers., and all use the same IP addresses without any problems.

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Check failed.

Checked domain:

Nameserver IPs
ns1. epizy. com
ns2. epizy. com

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