Cheaper packages!

Hi admin …i was wondering if you can make cheaper packages of hosting accounts!??
For example all i need is:

  • 300mb space
  • free SSL
  • ilimited bandwidth
  • ftp account
    … i have no need to subscribe any of your actual packages…my website has 10 mb size for now…but … the free account does has Hits Limits… :frowning: …well…just an idea!!!

InfinityFree has all of what you described.

  1. 5gb of total storage per hosting account (10mb file size limit)
  2. Free SSL tool at (does not install automatically, though)
  3. Unlimited bandwidth
  4. One FTP account per hosting account (not user account)
  5. 50,000 Hits per day! (Considering you buy a cheap custom domain, you could use CloudFlare’s cache system)

If you are not satisfied with what is provided, you could buy iFastNet’s $20/year plan (which seems to be about the same as InfinityFree).


Well…i have been suspended twice for hitting the Hits Limits!!!
but i like your service :slight_smile:

InfinityFree does not put the price tag on the packages, iFastNet does if I am correct.

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OK thanks :slight_smile:

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No problem, let me know if I can help you in any other way!

iFastNet’s $20 per year package is about as cheap as is reasonably possible. The cost of a hosting account for a hosting provider isn’t completely dependent on the size of the package. There are licensing fees for cPanel and WHMCS, as well as payment processing fees, all of which make it impossible to offer a hosting account and still make a profit below a certain amount, even with the tiniest package.

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