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I need your help.

I just wanna know how to index site on google.
Cause i too have a website with free domain and hosted by infinity free.
But my site is not indexed on google.


I have added sitemap in search console.but it says couldn’t fetch sitemap and url is not on google.

Normally if a site is hosted it should index on google.
But in my case its not.

So,how to get my site indexed?

Hello there!

Unfortunately, I don’t do personal support requests, but I am happy to answer you publically!

Have you already followed this guide?


Yes i have gone through it. Followed it.
Still not indexed.

Google will index it when it wants to then. It can take a few days, it can take a week. There really is no way to influence it. Just make sure googlebot can access your website.


Yep i knew that.
Its already been few weeks since my site is added.

Im not sure whether googlebot is crawling my site?

That’s what i wanna know.
Cause when i add sitemap in search console it shows couldn’t fetch.
And when i try url check, i get url is not on google.

So,im not sure whether google crawls my site.

Because , normally a site will index in google after hosting it. Just the pages and posts will take time to index in google search.

In my case my even the site is not indexed

Your site could be indexed, just not in the index. Use the Google Search console to check the status.

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