Hi guys. This make me wonder?

I just installed MyBB on my first site and then Wordpress on my second sites. I heard Infinityfree said no chat, but MyBB does have a chat. Is it totally banned?

I also installed BuddyPress plugin onto my Wordpress sites. It give me comment and post, it ALSO have chat.

Does installing those on my site banned?

Your site does not get banned, but the path of the chat script is blocked with HTTP 403.

MyBB, WordPress, etc. should be fine.


so my account wouldn’t get disabled, only the chat script doesn’t work??

Also I have buddypress on my wordpress site with another plugin to improve buddypress, does it allowed? Would it actually work?

I really hope to have a chat through on my websites, when I have stable monthly users and revenue, I would sure upgrade to paid host.

That’s correct.

  1. It’s allowed. 2. I don’t really know. Could you share the name of the plug-in?

Chat scripts are not allowed on paid host, either, but the limits aren’t as severe.

Overall, you can’t really host a chat script anywhere in the iFastNet/Byet/InfinityFree universe.


It called Better Messages.

Also when i installed it and enabled it, I couldn’t even open my profile…… doesn’t Infinityfree only block chat and not the entire plugin?

Forum software is no problem, but live chat scripts are banned. The chat script ban is enforced through a URL filter that blocks the word “chat”.

We don’t ban specific scripts or plugins. MyBB and BuddyPress should all be fine, as long as you’re not using their live chat functionality.

As for why the plugin doesn’t work for you, I can’t say for certain why that happens. It could be a ban on our end but it could also be a problem with the plugin, the installation, or a compatibility issue with our hosting.


Oh ok. So it is not allowed. Too bad. I think I could tried to save some money up on Github Pages and buy other paid host/server to host the chat script or buy a server to host it in my house myself. Then I would needed to follow 0 regulations except those that I set it myself

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