Channel Logos won't load or EPG Data don't understand why?

Website URL’s

Error Message

no error message

Other Information

The first URL acts like it’s going to download but when the URL is put into Tivimate it fails to get data from the URL. Comes up failed update in Tivimate.

The Second URL is the directory that has all my Channel Logos for Tivimate and none of them load they all fail to load in Tivimate.

I am able to upload via FTP to my website and the files are there the images are just not showing up in Tivimate and the guide not getting data and can’t figure out why.

What issue?

You need to write clearly


I believe hot-linking is blocked on free hosting


I suspect the requests from Tivimate are being blocked by this security system:

I also wonder how legal this Tivimate service actually is. It seems to me that it’s a hub for pirated TV streams and shows. If so, we don’t want to have anything to do with it.


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