Changing infinity free subdomain to paid custom domain such as .org .com .net .xyz and etc

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Hello everyone I’m newbie here in infinity free forum and webhosting?

I gonna ask if there possible way to migrate infinityfree subdomain to paid custom domain we purchase from WHOIS provider such as .org .net .com .xyz

Any replies I appreciate it TQ

Hi and welcome to the forum! You need to change the nameservers to our ones ( and through your ICANN-accredited domain registrar’s nameservers/DNS panel, then wait up to an hour and then you can add your domain on either the “Addon Domains” or the “Parked Domains” section of the hosting account’s Control Panel. In the former case you also need to move your website files from your subdomain’s htdocs folder to your new domain’s htdocs folder for your website to show up on the new domain, then also set a redirect from your old subdomain to the new domain. In the latter case, you don’t have to do so as your website will be accessible through both addresses. If you’re using WordPress, you’ll also need to change the WordPress URL and website URL through the database after you’ve moved the website files in the former case, but you can still change it through the WordPress settings in the latter case.


Do I need delete the old htdocs subdomain files all together… the guide quite confusing btw because if we install SSL it would be an error and etc

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No need

What kind of error you have got?


You can either add your domain as

“Addon domain”: By using this option, your domain will have a separate htdocs folder, where you can start from scratch.

“Parked domain”: by using this option will make the htdocs folder to be the same as your infinityfree subdomain one, but SSL Certificates are different from the infinityfree subdomain

But both of the options will allow you to separately set the ssl certificate for each domain

You will still have to change your nameservers regardless of the option you chose above.


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