Changing File Permission

how to change file Permission in file manager

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For the issue you posted, you can simply click on the little triangle next to the file’s icon to see a drop down menu. In that menu, hit “chmod”.

Notice that you shouldn’t touch this setting most of the time.


You cannot change the file permission and changing CHMOD from the file manager is disabed.
Is there a reason why you need to change the file permission?


Looks like this was some new update.
I remembered that just a few weeks ago the option is still avaliable.

@Pakearn — Hitting the chmod button don’t do anything now. Please don’t try to do it.


It was disabled. I have never encountered a single issue that could be solved by using chmod, and numerous issues that were caused by using chmod incorrectly.

@Pakearn Can you please describe the issue you’re trying to solve with the chmod? Because I can guarantee you: it won’t be solved with chmod.


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