Changing domain ns to cloudflare's

If I change my NS, will my hosting stops?, if it stops, can you give me a way to use cloudflare features but still using infinityfree hosting? i tried to enable cloudflare from panel but i got CLOUDFLARE ERROR : Your’s DNS is hosted by CloudFlare. If you’d like to switch to Byethost, you must first deactivate and then delete “” ;. These options are available in the Settings menu. Thank you!

So, you basically don’t want to use Infinityfree’s NS so that you have control over your DNS?

To do that, take a look at this:

will my wordpress still ok?

It should still work, yes.

i’ll wait for my NS to change first. Thank you for your answers!
-should my main domain have the same look as my domain (still pointed to infinity free)? because when i try to visit my main domain it redirects to .
sorry for too much questions :sweat_smile:
-should i change the cloudflare(CNAME point) proxy status to dns only / i can use the proxied .

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