Changes won't upload

I’m having issues with minor changes to my files index.html, data.js and background image.

When I edit “index.html” it works fine, I reload the page on the browser and changes apply.

However, when I edit my data.js, the changes won’t apply when the pages is reloaded.

Same happens to images, let’s say background image is a full red background picture “background.png” and I upload a modified version of background.png and now it’s yellow instead of red, when the page is reloaded, it will still show red instead of yellow.

Remove cookies and cache, or rename the data.js on data1.js and edit the index.html to include it; the same goes to background.png that can be renamed to background1.png and be included in index.html.

When you refresh your webpage, make sure you use Ctrl+R or Ctrl + F5 keys to hard refresh the page. Otherwise clear cache as mentioned by Erfastolator1

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Or do the steps I mentioned above (renaming the file from x to y, then include y in the index.html).

Are you using Cloudflare on your website? If so, then Cloudflare is caching your CSS and JS files. You can enable Development Mode to bypass their cache while working on your site.

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