Changes in PHP Files Not Reflecting on Website

I have updated my PHP files in the htdocs directory, but my website is not reflecting these changes. Can anyone explain why this might be happening and how I can resolve this issue?

What is the website?


There is nothing like server side caching of PHP code or it’s output (that would break many sites) on our end.

If updated code is not working, then it’s usually the result of:

  • Not updating the right files, especially if you have similar codes in multiple locations on your site, or have copied your site files to different sites or directories.
  • The code changes simply not resulting in different output, possibly due to a bug in the code.
  • Your domain name is not pointing to our servers at all. If your website is being served from a different hosting provider, then you’ll need to update your website files at that other host.

Looks ok to me.

What changes did you not see?


Hello, it is now working because I paid for and uploaded my website to iFastNet, which is the paid service offered by InfinityFree. That was my problem: I needed to upload the new files of my website to iFastNet, not to InfinityFree. Thank you.

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