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After registering and setting up an account, I had to wait 72hrs before I could see my “hello world” index.html page on my site.
Now, I’ve deleted index.html and replaced it with an index.php file, which I brought from another platform I had set up before (I’m migrating from another service, which is very much down right now).
When I go to my app’s url (given above), I still see my previous “index.html” content.
Do I have to wait another 72hrs to see the changes and the content that should be rendered by index.php??
Ctrl+Shift+R didn’t help…

I see many people creating topics like this all around the forum and IF veterans telling them “they see their site OK”… what is it that newbies don’t get right? Is this the expected behaviour with a “free as in free beer” hosting service?

A lot of it has to do with your cache and DNS settings.

Oh, and the HTML file does not exist on your site, but the PHP file shows hello world. Maybe make sure you uploaded everything correctly? You can check the contents of that PHP file using the file manager.


That’s it, coming from the other deployment environment, didn’t notice I had to uncomment a big portion of my soucecode to make it work here.
Thanks for the quick heads up!!


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