Changed The Domain and Hosting but Redirects to old one

I made a WordPress site here. then I bought a new domain and hosting in another service to migrate there. so I downloaded the files in the htdocs and uploaded in the new hosting area… also moved MySQL and changed it in the new hosting services. but when I try to enter my site it redirects to the older one hosted here. what can I do stop it? where was my mistake? any other config should changed?

  • first i made back up of htdocs

  • then exported the mysql

  • created new install of wordpress in the new hosting service

  • then i deleted the new ones and uploaded older ones from here

  • then i deleted the tabes using php my admin

  • uploaded the old ones from here

  • changed the wp config file for database

but still redirets …what to do ?

DNS proportion takes time. You will just need to be paintent, and perhaps clear your cache.

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I have totally different domain and hosting. DNS affect that?

You can try clearing your cache.

Can you please give the new domain, so I could check?

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If it’s a different domain, then you will need to update your Website URL for WordPress too. This article from WordPress describes how to do that:


thanks it worked


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