Changed my password on wp-config.php

I changed my password and mail said
"Your MySQL, FTP and Control Panel password has been changed to:

New password : q8tk4xmd

If you are running any scripts which use your MySQL database you will need to edit your configuration and update the pasword to the new password!

For example, if you are running a word press website edit:


Locate the password

And change it to your new password ( q8tk4xmd )"
And I did change it on wp-config.php copied and pasted the new password.
now when I try to get into my wordpress website admin it says " Error establishing a database connection"
I think it’s because I changed my password on wp-config.php
Now what should I do to enter my website?

Hello @Suvdaaa

First, of, did you migrate to InfinityFree from another hosting with your WordPress blog or you tried to change your password on your already installed (on InfinityFree) WordPress website through wp-config.php file?

If it is the first case then you need to change the settings for your new database name and table names as well, because your old host likely had a different MySql database with different names for the database and its tables than on here.

it’s the second case I guess. I don’t have any other hosting. I created account in infinityfree and installed Wordpress on it.

it actually worked fine before I changed my password

this is what it shows when I try to login now.

Probably you are doing some mistake. I think the problem is already described in the first and second point.

The second point is that, this Is a public forum where thousands of people read articles regularly, so one must not share any confidential information such as passwords etc.

I think there is no explanation about second case.
Cause I still couldn’t figure it out

First of all, please don’t use the password reset features of the control panel itself. We sadly cannot disable it, but we do regularly synchronize passwords from the client area to the hosting servers. So if you change the password outside the client area, you will find that at some point, it will magically revert itself to the password in the client area, breaking your website.

We also don’t send passwords by email, so that’s a bonus to security.

Also, Softaculous specifically creates separate database users for software. So if you installed the script through Softaculous, then you don’t need to edit the database password. (yes, I know, it’s confusing)

So what to do from here?

If you backed up the old password for the database, you could probably restore it. Note that this is different from the account password!

If you don’t, you can also change the database username for WordPress to your account username (e.g. epiz_12345678).

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