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I need to remove the STRICT_TRANS_TABLES from the sql_mode, but I can’t figure how to do that.

Anybody can help me?

I tried to run SET GLOBAL sql_mode='' in the SQL, but was not allowed.

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I don’t fully understand your problem, so here is a generic answer:

Sorry, but that’s not allowed on free hosting.

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Unfortunately, you cannot change that setting here, and below is why:

Strict SQL mode is enforced on our database servers and cannot be disabled. Strict SQL mode is the current default of modern MySQL versions, because it’s bad to rely on MySQL to automagically fix your data for you. Fixing the data is something that should be done by the software, so I would highly urge you to contact your script developer and tell them to fix their code, rather than demanding custom server settings to fix their own errors for them.


I suspected that… Thank you for the answer!

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