Change port

hello everyone, you need to change 21 ports (default) to 80
How can I do it?
Thanks in advance

Hi there,

the default port of all websites is 80, which is the standard port for HTTP.

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Port 21 is the standard FTP post and port 80 is the standard website port. In both cases, we run the respective service on the right port.

Are you saying we should run FTP on port 80? Why would we do that? Are you trying to bypass some kind of network block on FTP? If so, you could perhaps use a VPN. I know it’s at least possible to run a VPN on port 53 (normally used for DNS) to bypass restrictions on VPN ports.


apparently it’s impossible to do
It’s a pity

As is the case with all web hosting services, by the way. If you want to change ports on which services are accessible, you’ll need to get your own server to customize these system settings on.


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