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I have a bunch of warning messages after activating the site (and plugins seem to misbehave), and the reason seems to be that I need a slight older php version than the one installed. I understand that there is no more the “php version select” capability, but I need php 7.3 or older, whereas installed php is 7.4. Is it possible?

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Please upgrade to premium hosting then

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Which one?

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It would be better if you update the plugins
for site security and speed, or find alternatives to the existing ones if new versions do not exist,
instead of thinking about how and where to find a lower version of PHP


Free Hosting is on php7.4, and it is older than php 7.3, so I assume that you can use it correctly?

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You are right, I was wrong.I tested locally (with xampp) and got no errors with php 7.1.30.
On the other hand, I believe that oxy is right, I’d better update theme, plugins and whatsoever. It is an old site that needs revamping anyhow.
Thank you all


I would install a fresh new WordPress if I were you
and simply sit for 2-4 hours
and create everything you had on the ex page (text and imgs - NOT plugins, etc.)

because basically
your home page is one big page
and 95% of menus are anchors (#) that scroll down to XY section within the home page

only the last item in the menu is more special (Teatro in affitto) which leads to ?page_id=925

so you don’t need any plugins you had (or galleries and other things) - WP can do it by itself
as well as those few PDFs you have on “home” as links.

In short, you create a new WP and in most cases just copy-paste text, etc., from the old one

the easiest way is through the browser (or save the entire page through the browser on the local PC)
and then you open the saved page and from it copy-paste texts and images in the new WP while creating pages (logged in as admin in the new WP)

But before that of course, save the existing one as a backup or you already have it on your PC and delete the existing WP on the hosting and install a fresh WP on that domain.

I think it would be faster than wasting hours on the net looking for some plugins, fixing JS also, etc.,
because you don’t have a complex WP website with 501+ pages, but only 2 (home and the theater one)
if I see correctly :slight_smile:

or create a free subdomain - where you will experiment
and then try the new WP there and everything else
and when you are satisfied with it
if you know how, you can copy/move it to this official WP ptm.000 (change of WP home URL is mandatory)

You should be careful about the color of the background you choose so that the text is readable and not like this
Screenshot 2023-06-01 192626

and replace this picture because it is blurry

Other posts you don’t need e.g. :




Thank you a lot for your badly needed advices. If you hadn’t guessed already, I am what you define a “rookie”, trying to learn by doing. The site is not mine, the original author disappeared a long time ago, and now the people interested would like to reuse it and I was given the task of looking into it.
Your suggestions are absolutely correct, as far as I can judge. and I will try to follow them: I am not sure I know enough of WP to build everything from scratch, but I’ll give it a try (just selecting a theme is a problem…). Thankm you agai for your patience and understanding

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