Change Nameservers

Quero alterar o Nameserver/DNS do meu site e não o consigo fazer sabe me dizer onde encontro a opção para o fazer.

English please?

Pointing your domain to nameservers to Infintyfree

It really depends on where you’re hosting your domain, you might ask staff of that domain registry.

Can we know your domain registrar?

I wanted to change the nameservers to, because I have the site hosting there. And if possible also change the IP of the site.

Changing the nameservers of a domain can be done through the domain provider for that domain.

If you have a .com or .net domain or another custom domain, you must have purchased this domain somewhere. If so, you can change your nameservers there as well.

If you’re trying to use a free subdomain elsewhere, please understand that you can’t do that. Our free subdomains can be used on our hosting only.


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