Change nameservers in CPanel

I need to change the Nameservers for a subdomain on (it was created using InfinityFree)

Other Information

I have created a subdomain (, and I need to point the nameservers somewhere else, but I cannot access the nameservers.
I would just create the subdomain with the provider I use (Freenom), but they do not provide the tools to add a subdomain.

How can I sort this out?

EDIT: If there is a tool or service that provides subdomains to add to my domains, please let me know

IF won’t let you access nameservers for free subdomains. Sorry about that. Perhaps Cloudflare Enterprise can since it supports subdomain, but that means paying up…

Try CF dns, if you are able to add NS record thru CF dns, you shd be gd to go


Just add a DNS record to your dns configuration in cf. like this…


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