Change in Nameserver for EU.ORG Domain? (Can I add EU.ORG to Infinity Free?)

Website URL :

Hello, I recently obtained an euorg domain using the Blogger site name “Yorixo,” which has already been approved by the euorg team (DNS Provider is Hostry).I was planning to connect it to the Blogger platform before, but I decided to use it on WordPress as a testing project for my YouTube video.

So here comes the problem.

Error Message

When I create a new hosting account, it shows that there is a validation error and the message is

Your domain is not yet pointed to ns1.epizy and ns2.epizy . Change your nameservers at your domain registrar and wait a few hours. You can also create an account with a subdomain first.

So I should add ns1.epizy and ns2.epizy as the nameservers in euorg, but does that mean that I have to remove other nameservers under hostry?

Other Information

This is the first time I’m asking about changes in nameservers, and I have no experience with this subject before. I hope that someone can guide or assist me in this thing.

If you want more information about it, you may leave a message and I will provide it or clarify more details.


No need

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Really ? First we need to add InfintyFree Nameservers to get that connected so you will need to remove the default host nameservers

You’ll need to remove all the nameservers that are currently there, and then add the nameservers and

For the “Check for correctness of”, you may have to set that to “server names” only, because I don’t think the other checks will complete successfully if your domain name is not added to a hosting account yet.


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