Change .HTML from the url

Hey guys, do you know how to change the final url?

My website is but when someone enters, shows up
or /riiegel.html (this it’s other page, as an example) but i don’t want to show this

It’s something on the code or it’s from Infinity?

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Hello there,

Nope not any of those two. That’s just how the internet works by default.

If you want to remove the .html extension on the end then you’ll have to do some tweakings with your .htaccess file by doing some mod_rewrite stuffs.
Please refer to this Stackoverflow thread if you want to continue:


Thank you so much!


You could however make a folder, and put the .html file in that folder. It’s a lot easier, however if it’s the main page your talking about then @UnknownLolz is right.

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