Change Domain

Hello there,
I recently created an account and I already have a domain. I have this domain linked through CloudFlare, therefore cannot use the Addon Domain feature as I cannot use DN Servers.
The only way I could link it is by using an A Name, therefore I would need the IP Address of the server if possible and some sort of linkage. I used this method with Hostinger.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Kind Regards,

I’m sorry, but in order to be able to add your domain to your account you need to verify that you actually control the domain name. The only way that’s currently possible is by changing the nameservers of your domain. After the domain has been added to your account, you’re free to switch back to Cloudflare or any other nameservers.

Hi, I have successfully added the domain to my account now. Could you let me know how to keep the domain linked to the account with different DNS Settings on my domian?

If you could tell me the IP Address for the server I am on, then I could use a root A Name direct to the server. Thank you!

Well, I can’t really tell you since I don’t know which account is yours. However, it’s pretty easy to find it out yourself using a DNS lookup tool. If you’re on OS X or Linux, the dig command is available to do that. However, you can just use a web based tool as well. I quite like the one provided by Google Apps myself: Dig (DNS lookup)

Simply enter your domain in the left field, ns1.freecluster.euin the right, hit enter and the IP address will be highlighted.