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I change the point nameservers to and in my register domain and I want my site to have the custom domain I bought from: but when I try to access it says “” uses an unsupported protocol. and I would like you to change the domain to the one mentioned above instead of being “”. And I would also like to put the cloudflare service on the website with that domain, I do it through your cpanel or through the cloudflare website ? Please help me I don’t understand any of this from servers and I wanted help. Thanks

The Unsupported protocol message means you don’t have a valid SSL Certificate on your domain. Use the Free SSL to create one.

As for Cloudflare, you are best creating an account on, and then changing your Nameservers on your domain to the ones provided by Cloudflare.


When I go to, I get redirected to That means the site you got it from is suspended or something.

i already point the nameservers to the cloduflare servers and i have a question:I want my domain I bought to be on the new infinity free hosting site but I wanted to have cloudflare as protection, etc. Would it be possible? When I try to access it appears this:

i think that means i have to make another dns change.

Basically I had the servers pointing to a different website hosting, I wanted to point to your website hosting but at the same time I wanted to have cloudflare service to better protect my website, you know?

and now it’s all right but I didn’t want the url “” to redirect to “” I wanted to remove the url “” and even change it to "www.lojafortnitept .com "would it be possible?

Since you’re using WordPress, please enter the WordPress admin → Settings → General and edit the Website URL to your custom domain. This should make your free subdomain redirect to your new, custom domain instead of the other way around.

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how long will it take to change the site url?

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