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Hi all,
Good day. For some time, I have been using a free sub domain ( epizy ). So Told I bought a new domain. I have configured the name server and everything that is needed I guess. I read an article that says I should add the domain as a parked domain. And I have done so.

Now I’ll like to know, How to change the website url to that new domain? I have tried changing the Wordpress url but it did not work.
Now it’s I’m trying to login into the WP dashboard, but it’s not working. It’s saying " site does not exist". Can anyone please help?

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First things first, go to the database and search for _options. Then you’ll see two rows, siteurl and home. Edit them to your old site.

After following my above steps, add a redirect from your old domain to new domain, using the control panel option called “redirect”.

I hope this helps.

How exactly did you try to change the WordPress URL and what happened when you tried that?

Do not do this. Adding a redirect on a parked domain will just result in a redirect loop.


Hello All,
Things didn’t not work out well. And I had to close that account that just to create new one!

Thanks for your concern.

Did creating a new account solve your issue? Or do you need any further help?

Hi admin,
Yes, creating a new account has enabled me to get what I want done.

Thanks for the help

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