Chanel softaculus script installer not logging in

I tried to log into the scriptinstaller from Cpanel but it always brings me back to the login page of the script installer and I can’t login! It’s saying something about cookies and user not registerd here’s my user name fceu_18522789 thank you very much

It’s saying “something about cookies”? Can you please give me the exact error message you see rather than a vague interpretation?

The only thing I can recommend now is to check whether cookies are enabled, clear the cookies for the control panel and Softaculous and login again.

Than you for the response, it says the login is invalid ive tried login in on many devices. its still having the same issue its like my account dosent exist there

Hello again i later searched online and i think i fix it temporarily by using this web address instead of and i was able to login again

Usually, clearing cookies for helps as well. As the message suggests, the IP address used when logging in to the script installer is different from the IP address you were using at that moment.

Thank you! very much

Ayuda por favor, cuando accedo a mi cPanel y quiero entrar al instalador de scrips me manda a un formulario de login, pero accedo con mis datos y me dice que se logea bien pero de ahi me redirecciona otra vez al formulario, ya borr las cookies y sigue sin funcionar.

@Carbajalito01 I’m sorry, but I don’t speak whatever language you’re speaking. Can you please repeat the message in English?