Certificate verify failed

Username epiz_30117339

Error Message

500 Can’t connect to the-visionary.epizy.com:443 (certificate verify failed)

Other Information

The infinityFree Domain checker says my eyesight is perfectly okay. However W3schools’ HTML checker keeps giving me an error. I tried last night and again this morning and got the same result. Here is the screenshot:

Please force all traffic http to https using redirect rule in .htaccess file!!

For me results btwn http and https version

I changed my .htaccess file right after I installed my SSL certificate, so that isn’t the problem. As far as I know I don’t have any scripts and I can’t see anything in the knowledge base about this.

I wonder if it’s just a case that I haven’t waited long enough for the DNS change to propagate. Perhaps the problem will be resolved in two or three days.

This is obviously the reason


This will work https://the-visionary.epizy.com/

The failure you encountered is likely due to this

or this

Yes, you have an HTTPS error, but I think the real reason is this:

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