Certificate verify failed: unable to get local issuer certificate

Website URL


Error Message

502 Bad Gateway

Certificate verify failed: unable to get local issuer certificate

Other Information

The site is not opening because of the error. This occurred after installing SSL certificate onto the site.

No issue


Strange! Its not opening for me. Tried in different browsers and devices. Same error everywhere.

Try incognito mode?

No luck :frowning:

Its working on other devices now. Not sure why not working on this device. Maybe some caching issue.

working for me, maybe try clearing the browser cache ?


Strangely it is working on all devices except the device through which I installed the SSL certificate. I tried clearing all the cache, checked in different browsers, and also restarted the system, but still the same error!! :frowning:

Could you please try checking the site in Incognito Mode? I know that Google Chrome, and possibly derivatives, keep an SSL cache. And clearing the browser cache does NOT clear this certificate cache. The only way to completely bypass all browser caches is with Incognito Mode.

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Now the site is working on this device as well. I think there was some issue because of SSL cache that you mentioned. Thanks for the support on this.

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