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(I got a free certificate from your side, and when I inserted the key and the certificate in the space provided for it and pressed download the key and install the certificate, nothing happened and the certificate was not installed. I tried several times at different times, but the same problem

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you have to change your dns to infinityfree via vistapanel

Changed and matched with cname
And obtaining the certificate, but the step remains to install the certificate when entering the vistapanel and adding the key and certificate in the places designated for that and clicking on Upload the key and install the certificate, nothing happened

The SSL certificates UI in the control panel is not very intuitive. So please make sure to follow the instructions exactly as provided here:

So paste the key, click Upload Key, paste the certificate, click Upload Certificate, exactly in that order. Any other order won’t work.


I did so in the order mentioned but to no avail

@HOUSSINE I think after uploading the certificates a message appeared saying check in a few minutes, or something like that. I remember doing a refresh (pressed the F5 key) on my browser after 5 minutes because I saw no change, after refreshing the screen I saw the certificate had installed.


So what does happen if you try this? I can see the private key field is still empty. What happens exactly if you try to upload it?

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Nothing happens as if I have not inserted the key and the certificate and when I exit and then enter again the certificate boxes appear and the key is empty

please help me

You should not exit after just copy and pasting.
There should be button named Upload key, Upload Certificate.

Click that before exiting


Again, the steps are:

  1. Paste key.
  2. Click Upload Key.
  3. Paste certificate.
  4. Click Upload Certificate.

Don’t paste both at once and click the Upload Certificate button. Don’t paste some field and then leave the page. Follow the exact steps as described and it should work.

Maybe you’re doing this already, but if I understand your reproduction steps correctly, you’re not following these steps.

Also, what is “nothing happens”? What does “nothing” mean to you? What do you ACTUALLY SEE as opposed to what you think it means.


Sorry, I did the steps exactly as you wrote
It is intended that nothing will happen, which means that the certificate has not been proven and the site has not been moved from http to https

I just followed the steps from the article and my post and was able to install your SSL certificate without any problems whatsoever

Again, I have no idea whatsoever what you were doing before, but I highly doubt that you were following the provided instructions.


thank you very much
But my friend, this is the second time that I have encountered the same problem, I have another site and I had the same problem on it even though I followed your instructions and the instructions of the hosting bulletin
I would like to thank you again

I still have absolutely no idea why it doesn’t work for you, because it works perfectly fine for me.

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