requires www. else goes to bogus site. epiz_32803965

Username epiz_32803965 for site. How do I get rid of www. requirement?
Domain name is with Godaddy and has nameservers and

It looks like the system didn’t assign your domain name an IP, so it went to the default BODIS parking page.

;; ANSWER SECTION:               86329   IN      CNAME

You can try removing your domain and adding it back. Don’t forget to back up your files beforehand!


I removed and added it back. After a day I get two new errors. For just “” I receive from Firefox SECURE CONNECTION FAILED, meaning page not shown because the authenticity could not be verified. For (which I don’t need) I receive Infinity error 404 page could not be found. In my account epiz_32803965 should I just wait for 72 hours and see if the system corrects it or should I remove the domain name and deactivate the account and create a new account and FTP index.htm to it, or any other ideas? Thanks, Nils Anderson.

I am getting a 404 error on the base domain (without the www) as well:


Incorrect. I get the 404 WITH the www. Without the www I get a Firefox browser error SECURE CONNECTION FAILED. Does this mean the page is FOUND but fails security authenticity of some sort?

This doesn’t happen to us. We get a 404 on both www and non www.


I checked your website but I get redirected to the 404 error page. I don’t get any HTTPS errors.

A quick look at your account shows what the issue is: the domain is linked to the folder, but while the folder exists, it’s completely empty, so it doesn’t have the htdocs folder.

Please create a folder called htdocs within the folder, and upload your website files to that folder. The main/other htdocs folder can be removed (or you can just move it to the folder).

Excuse me, but how do you know what other people see on their end? You can all be “correct” at the same time about what you see, because sometimes things can happen that cause different browsers/devices/connections to show different things.

No. When you browser tries to request a web page over HTTPS, it will first try to establish a secure connection to the server hosting the domain name before it will try to request a specific page. So after the HTTPS issue is fixed, you may still see the 404 error. But as long as you can’t establish a HTTPS connection, you have no way to tell if the page is found or not.


Thank you very much for solving my problem. I apologize for using “incorrect” instead of “not the same.” (I know what the word “assume” begins with) I left the other htdocs file and now have both www and non-www access. I will have to learn if there is a way to use a redirect so I don’t have to upload my index.htm to both places.

The old htdocs folder is no longer linked to any domain on your account. Both the www and non-www version of your site load the files from the You can just delete the old htdocs folder if you want, it won’t affect your website.


In Win-11, there is a difference in Firefox and MS Edge. In Firefox, typing goes to the site. Typing just returns with a security message Error code: SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT. In MS Edge either way works, also in Android smartphone Firefox works either way. Any suggestions? Nils

It seems that for some reason, your Firefox wants to use HTTPS for, but your site doesn’t have an SSL certificate so that doesn’t work. I’m also using Firefox and your site with and without www are working fine for me.

Maybe just try clearing the cache in Firefox or check the site in private browsing mode to circumvent the cache?


This only happens in Foxfire in Windows-11. Does not happen in Foxfire in Android or other browsers like MS Edge. The problem is Foxfire for Windows-11 auto-fills the url bar with “https://” (doesn’t work) and not “http://” (which works). The only way to fix it, I could find, is to type “about:config” and toggle “browser.urlbar.autoFill” to false. Thanks for all your help. Nils

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