Carousel images not showing in my website

website url :
i’m unable to see my images in my website . i checked the devTools and i’m able to see the images in the computed section but it’s not loading in the network tab . i’m using the images as a background in a carousel

Can you please share the code that is being used?

this is my files structure and the css code

and this is my code which exists in the css folder
.slide-1 {
background-image: url(‘…/images/main.jpg’);

.slide-2 {
background-image: url(‘…/images/carousel.jpg’);

.slide-3 {
background-image: url(‘…/images/carousel 2.jpg’);

You should have double quotas. Like this:

background-image: url(“image.png”);

Also, you have a space in the middle of the filename for the last image.

Let me know if this works!

i changed my code as u said
.slide-1 {
background-image: url(“…/images/main.jpg”);
ps : when i click on the url 'shown below) I can see the image


but still not working

Try clearing your cache.

I already did but it’s not working

Can you share the code in the index.PHP file than please?

Wait! There should only be 2 dots, not three!



You didn’t call that carousel via jQuery

Please see the basics here Installation | Owl Carousel | 2.3.4


I don’t even see the call inside your HTML for owl.carousel.min.js javascript.

And it seems to me that your PHP is broken ( multiple pages not just one )
because the code is abruptly interrupted

there is nothing below
no closed HTML tags, etc.

check your PHP code !

It is very likely the cause that the carousel does not work
because there is no required code either (big part of the website code is missing)

You may have a large amount of HTML code inside the PHP tag instead of outside it…
so it is not visible to the browser and then the browser can’t even load the required (carousel js, etc.).

In addition, you have localhost in error 404 (403) redirections

and an incomplete domain address (https://localhost/`leilart`/404.php)
possible also for other error numbers .

You cannot call localhost
please use the right address


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