Capacity of Infinity Free servers

Hello, can I find out what power your servers, and how many sites are on the same server?

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure if there is a simple answer to that question.

For starters, every website is hosted on multiple servers. There are web servers, database servers, mail servers, DNS servers and more servers all working together to fulfill your hosting service. These servers are all clustered together, so in case one server goes down, everything can be brought back up elsewhere within minutes.

All I know is that there are many servers. I don’t know how many. I also don’t know the specifications of all these servers, but my best guess is that there are various different servers, both for different purposes and because older hardware gets moved out and replaced by newer, better hardware.

But the important point to take away is that because of our setup, it doesn’t really matter. We can flexibly move capacity as required, so you’re never confined to the limitations of a single server.

And another question in the hosting control panel says that the hosting is created using ifastnet? What is it like? You use the service of the reseller, or they are renting dedicated servers and there are hosting sites?

Although various parts of the service are developed by us, most components of the hosting service are provided as-is by iFastNet. They have decades of experience providing free hosting to millions of websites, why wouldn’t we use their experience?

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