Cant website re editing

Please help me. I cant edit mt website.

@ictssrilanka whats your problem can you describe it in detail ?

You can edit your website through the cpanel and the FTP method

this is my web. i make this web 2017. now i try it update and add new information om my web. but i find this infinityfree web website builder option. its not i cant change or develop my web. please do you have a option my problem?

To access the File Manager, click on this button you find on Screenshot

Login, and then click on the hosting account you want to edit.

After clicking on it, click on this button: Screenshot2

And from there, go to the htdocs folder and update the files you want to update.

It looks like your website was built with the SitePro website builder. That website builder has been gone for a very long time now. The official removal was done in early 2018 (including multiple mailings), but the builder was kept online until a few months ago to give people the opportunity to migrate. But that window has closed now.

The best thing you can do now is what you should have done in spring last year: migrate your website to a supported platform. WordPress is powerful and fairly easy to use.


thank you Ergastolator1. but i cant find my page online page editor.
yes admin. what i am doing now??? how edit my page???

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You can’t find the page editor just because SitePro doesn’t exist anymore on both the Control Panel and the Client Area due to its bugs. Me and the Admin suggest you to use a more recently upgraded and supported platform, like WordPress.

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